Profile system for visible fixing of Building Integrated Photovoltaic cells (BIPV), format 260 x 130 cm.

A sub-structure system based on UKLA-BIPV is comprised of vertical aluminium T-shaped support profiles, wall brackets and optional accessories. According to their thermal loading and demands – the wall brackets are made of aluminium or stainless-steel.

The cladding elements are secured to support profiles using clamps and brackets. They are arranged in such a way, that they are located behind every vertical joint in the panels. Coated clamp brackets differ from one another, in that there are start/ end clamps and middle clamps.

All BIPV elements are visibly screwed in place from the outside, and so they are all able to be checked, revised or overhauled.

Carrier profiles are connected to the wall brackets using screws, bolts or rivets. When doing this, the horizontal sliding points take up horizontal (wind) loads and fixed points take up horizontal and vertical loads (dead loads). Constraint-free assembly is achieved at the sliding points in vertical longitudinal holes. One fixed point is allocated for each support profile.

Wall brackets can be fitted with an optional assembly aide, in order to simplify working with them, which makes fixing and holding possible for the support profile.

Thermostop Elements are available as thermal dividers to minimise thermal bridging effects.

Protrusions up to 480 mm.
Material EN AW-6063 T 66
Aluminium T-shaped profiles
T 100/50
T 110/45
T 120/50
T 110/70
YouTube assembly video see here
Suitable wall brackets see here
Accessories see here
This profile system is suitable for use with cladding materials including