System Components

Invisible and indispensable

Suspended rear-ventilated facades are amongst the most widely varied facade systems, due to their safety, security and possible design solutions. Thanks to their systematic build-up, different requirements can easily be met without needing to make any sacrifices in functionality or aesthetics.
In this way the sub-structure takes on an inconspicuous but nevertheless essential role. As a connection between the supporting wall and cladding facade, it is responsible for safe and secure support and along with its static engineering roles must also fulfil further requirements such as resistance to corrosion and reduced thermal conductivity as well as ensuring simple assembly and installation.

SYSTEA sub-structure systems provide precisely the level of safety required, in order to create extraordinary facades.

A build-up offering endless possibilities
The build-up of sub-structure systems is always the same and yet offers a multitude of designs. Anchoring elements, wall brackets, carrier/clinch profiles as well as connecting elements fulfil every design criteria:

1. Anchoring Elements:
Elements matched to the substrate in each case fix wall brackets to the building and ensure safe and secure support from the sub-structure system.
2. Wall Brackets:
Secured to the substrate and formed as either fixed or sliding points. These serve as assembly points for the support profiles and can equalise irregularities in the substrate.
3. Support / Clinch profiles:
Takes up the facade cladding, either as a vertical or horizontal profile.
4. Connecting Elements:
Connect individual sub-structure elements such as wall brackets and support profiles and also the facade with the support profiles.

With an extensive range of components, SYSTEA can offer facade professionals a customised, tailor-made solution realising even the most ambitious architects design.

SYSTEA is a member of FVHF:
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